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Welcome to Stoma Advanced Dental Care. Visit Stoma, a center of dental excellence with the best dental technology and personalized attention, located in the heart of South Mumbai (India). Stoma, a multi-specialty clinic of global standards brings unparalleled treatment through a team of highly-qualified dentists, supported by an excellent auxiliary staff.

Why Stoma Advanced Dental Care ?

Advanced diagnostic technology provides unambiguous diagnosis without confusion or doubt. Experience the following

Treatment For Decay
  • Excellent Service

    We ensure top-quality treatment but also a comforting and soothing ambience at Stoma Advanced Dental Care. We are equipped with the dental technology to give you the best. The advancement is not only in the equipment but also in the hands of our skillful dentists.

  • Honesty and Transparency

    We keep the patient fully informed about all aspects of treatment. We ensure that the patient is thoroughly and clearly informed and instructed.

  • Professionalism

    We value your time and your alliance with Stoma Advanced Dental Care and while we believe in the personal touch we also believe in complete professionalism. There are no long waiting hours and missed appointments. We explain the ailment, treatment as well as home care instructions etc. Apart from this, we give reminder calls, aftercare instructions, etc.

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